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Q:What does Infinity Realty Capital do?

A: We’re part of a group of real estate investors who buy residential property in all areas throughout United States! Any price, any condition!

Q: Do you charge any fees?

A: No. We make you an offer direct and do not charge any commissions or fees to buy your house.

Q: I need to sell my house fast. How long might it take to get an offer?

A: Every situation is unique, but it is not uncommon to get an offer within 48 hours.

Q: Can you buy my house if I am behind on payments or losing my house to the banks?

A: Yes. Up to the point that the locks have been changed and the sheriff has taken over, it is possible for us to help! However, as with any illness, the earlier you address the problem, the better the chance of fixing it faster and better. Contact us now and find out how we can solve the problem immediately!

Q: If you buy my house before the banks foreclose, will that save my credit?

A: Selling your house before foreclosure is finalized may prevent foreclosure and/or bankruptcy from appearing on your credit report, which is usually better for your credit.

Q: What if my house needs repairs?

A: We buy homes as-is. There is no need to make repairs.

Q: What type of properties do you buy?

A: We typically buy 2-4 bedroom houses and units. That said we can often assist with just about any unwanted property, and we also connect with associates that specialize in other areas such as developments and subdivisions, so big blocks, and properties with potential might also have a solution with us.

Q: Can you buy my house if it is listed with an agent?

A: Yes. We can still buy your house fast no matter how many agents you have the house listed with.

Q: Why should I contact you?

A: We can buy your house fast. Agents can’t.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Follow these easy steps:

  1. Let us know you have a house for sale using our online form!
  2. We will give you a call ASAP, (usually within 1-2 business days)
  3. We then assess your current situation, explore your options, inspect the property, and discuss solutions to buy your house in the quickest and easiest manner possible – Obligation FREE and cost FREE!
  4. When we come to a fully satisfying solution, we initiate the necessary paperwork to make it happen. One of our Infinity Realty Capital people will guide you through the process from start to finish, and you do not commit to anything until you’re 100% happy with it!