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I couldn’t work any more after my work injury.
I had a very high interest rate about 3% above the banks.
Once I got behind on my payments, I had no way to catch up.
I filled out the form and Renata came out to my home.
She was different from the 2 agents we had used before, She called the bank and eased the pressure.
She found a buyer willing to pay the price we wanted.

J&M Ciacinno - Fort Lauderdale, FL

By contacting Infinity Realty Capital I sold my home for $237,000.00 in less then 2 weeks which was more than I expected! Infinity Realty Capital negotiated with my bank to stop the repossession, paid for the ongoing loan payments and used their experience to assist with the entire sale process.Their help was invaluable to me and I got more than i expected to get out of this situation, and i got it very quickly. If you are struggling with a bank repossession don’t wait any longer when you have the opportunity to talk to Renata about your options.

S. Vestantino - Miami, FLl

Renata was able to help me to turn 2 cash negative properties around which were costing me around $900 a month each.
They simply weren’t selling for the amount I needed in the current market, but when we changed the way they were being offered for sale, they sold – and I have not had to take any losses at all. Renata is very professional and knowledgeable and definitely worth talking to before you resign yourself to selling unwanted properties at low ‘fire-sale’ prices.

Maggie W. - Atlanta GA